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Stone Crabs October 15 thru May 1



Kelly's Shell Shack, just across the parking lot from

Kelly's Fish House Dining Room, has been a family business

for more than 25 years.


The folks behind the counter are most helpful and informative about their wares. Although the Shell Shack carries a staggering assortment of local and imported shells, they unbelievably, can answer just about any question you might ask about them. They are also quick to assure you that the shells have first been used for their contents' food value around the world, and are NOT endangered!


And, it's not just shells! There's now way possible to list all of the treasures to be found in the Shell Shack. If you visit, (and you'll be glad you did), you will find yourself standing in one place for a long time, just trying to take it all in. You'll be rewarded for your visit too. Every guest is invited to choose one free shell from the huge clamshell in the front room.



• Sand Dollars

• Starfish

• Natural Sea Sponges

• Fossils & Shark Teeth

• Shell Decor

• Jewelry

• Unique Nautical Gifts

• Souvenirs

• Windsocks & Garden Flags

• Books

• Shell Crafting Supplies

• Crafts/Gifts from Local Artists

• Stuffed Toys

Visitors are always greeted with a smile and interesting information about the shells and local artists.

Guests are offered a free shell.

There is a whole wall of bins full of labeled shells.

Starfish in all different sizes.

Windsocks & Garden Flags

KELLY'S SHELL SHACK 239-774-0522

Years ago, Mack Hamby helped Kelly design the store. As a tribute to his friendship, a display boat is named for him and filled with polished conchs.



1302 Fifth Avenue S. | (US 41 E) On The Gordon River | Naples, Florida USA 34102 | 239.774.0494

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